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Elmwood All Outdoor Show – Firing up the grill

Wed, March 04, 2015

Just a little teaser, come out this weekend to the Elmwood All Outdoor show in Elmwood, IL.  Proceeds go to benefit the school (extracurricular activities/athletes).  Tons of booths, seminars, raffles, silent auctions, hunting and fishing gear.  Bring your deer head to be officially scored and come hungry as there will be cooking demonstrations both days.

Saturday 11:30 a.m.  I’ll be doing 3 dishes revolving around appetizers and tailgate food!! You won’t want to miss it.

On the menu:  Northwood’s surf and turf with Moose, Elk and Deer wrapped around Salmon filled with bacon-chive cream cheese smoked low and slow on site! Next up Chinese Stickers, you know the little mystery meat on a stick you get at the buffet lines, except this time it’s kicked up a notch, Teriyaki wild boar on a kabob grilled and glazed! Lastly a five star meal all wrapped up in one bite, you’ll just have to come out and see what I’m going to do with deer loin

Until then….


God bless,
Matt Cheever ~  Flatlander


It was great to meet you n person and talk to u Saturday morning. Thank you for taking the time and doing the things u do for all sportsmen. Your love for cooking wild game and show casing it is second to none. I share the same love cooking game as u do. I was always taught to properly take care of your harvest and make the very best of it through proper cooking it. One can surprise yourself by just experimenting with methods of preparing and using the right spices. I thank God that I had two of the best mentors I could possibly have growing up learning the important aspects of conservation, hunting ethics and the respect of our wildlife. Those two mentors were my Mom and Dad.  A LEAVEING NOTE

The Natural Beauty found in Nature is a Wellspring of Inspiration that will never run dry. Its up to all to do our part in keeping this Gift from God in place for Future Generations. Its not about me, its about ALL.

Posted by overtime britts on March 08

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