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Just Fishing

Evening Run

Thu, May 22, 2014

So I mentioned the cold encountered this weekend. Fortunately fishing was pretty good. Of course the weather got much nicer during the week. Yesterday I was outside with some of my classes and couldn’t believe how warm it was getting. I started thinking about fishing. I know, that’s a shock! Now my general rule is I like to at least fish more than the amount of time I have to spend in the car. This puts some limits on what can be done in the evenings. Usually we wind up on the river fishing for whites or going to LaSalle in search of hybrids. But both of us have muskies on the brain and we figured the conditions might be getting right for a big bite. We were in the car 10 minutes after I got home and on the water by 5. I was surprised at how much wind there was on the lake as small whitecaps rolled across the first bay we approached.

Part of the fun of muskie fishing is picking out that lure that you think will bring a big bite. For as young as he is, Cam has accumulated quite a collection of lures that he’s bought with his own money. The funny part is, he had yet to catch a single fish on anything he bought. All his fish have come on plugs out of my many boxes. That is until yesterday.

I started with a big tinsel bucktail. Cam pulled out a sucker colored hell hound. Five casts in and Cam hauls back on a fish we both saw come up and eat the plug just under the surface. I scrambled for the net which wasn’t even out yet. Coming off the trolling motor to get the net we immediately started flying along with the wind pulling us away from the fish and creating a much more difficult fish catching situation. Cam handled it well and we boated a nice ski just under 34 inches. We celebrated a little more than usually as making a trip like this always seems like a lot of work if you don’t catch a fish and that happens more often than not. Add to that Cam knew right away that it was his first fish on a lure he bought himself and we were pretty happy. After getting untangled and back to fishing Cam raised an even nicer fish that came to the boat but wouldn’t bite. We spent the next couple hours working many spots with no more action. Got home at 9:30 to find out the Cubs had lost late and the Hawks were going to lose too. Glad we got out on the water. The smile on Cam’s face says it all.

Cam's 34


Nice job Cam!

Posted by coinman66 on May 22

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